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CPS Tech team works as an independent department, operating as a Center of Excellence (C.o.E.) providing services to different clients. This helps us grow in the skills we acquire and continuously improve our processes resulting in the accumulation of knowledge and experiences. Experience of providing different testing services on multiple projects helps us in developing these skills over the years. Supported by such experiences, we proactively manage the quality assurance needs of our clients.

A brief overview of our service offering in this category includes.

Functional Testing

Functional testing encompasses the complete functionality of an application. It is the most widely used testing type for determining the quality of an application. As there are various aspects in testing functionality of an application, the process of functional testing performed at CPS Tech includes multiple testing types depending upon the nature of the application. Embedded and web application’s functional testing services are two focus areas of our functional testing services. Our functional testing services include:

  • Testing Embedded Firmware Applications
  • Testing Web Applications
  • Testing Desktop Applications
  • Testing Mobile Applications
  • End-to-End complex Software Applications

Mobile Testing

With an increasing trend of living life on the go, customers have limitless options for mobile devices and their operating systems which have resulted in an unending variety of mobile applications. With this surge of mobile applications, the compatibility of an application becomes the real differentiator. Our mobile application testing services help you differentiate your applications by verifying its compatibility and quality.

With a comprehensive testing plan covering a wide variety of operating systems, phone specifications, and browsers, we offer mobile application testing for all OS platforms to ensure a wonderful user experience. Our services include compatibility testing and functional testing. For an extensive coverage, we use both real devices and emulators for the testing projects according to their specific needs. Keeping in view the fast paced nature of the mobile applications market, we make sure of a timely response so that the applications hit the market in time.

Compatibility Testing

Seamless user experience is the ideal that all software developers want to attain, but a plethora of operating systems, hardware, software, network, internet connectivity and their combinations make it an almost impossible task. There is so much interlinking of devices, operating systems and applications that it is like designing against an infinite number of requirements.

To ensure an acceptable level of compatibility CPS Tech team puts applications through comprehensive compatibility testing. We offer compatibility testing on actual environments instead of simulated environments; that makes our testing more reliable and authentic. Two key areas of our compatibility testing services include browser and OS (Operating Systems) testing.

Performance Testing

In today’s technology-driven world, where more and more complex technology services are offered, the real differentiators are the robustness and reliability of an application. We help you enrich your products by thoroughly testing the application’s performance. We offer services comprising of load and stress testing for reliable web, desktop, mobile and embedded applications.

Static & Dynamic Analysis

CPS Tech team has vast experience of static and dynamic analysis to offer. As testing requirements greatly vary from one project to the other, we offer our services on a need basis. At the project initiation we evaluate the required level of testing for a particular project and draw high level requirements for the testing methods to be used in static and dynamic testing.

We have experience in testing different standards under static analysis including MISRA-C, code complexity, commenting standards, naming conventions, and coding best practices for safety critical applications. Similarly, under dynamic analysis we offer different testing services like statement coverage, branch/decision coverage, procedure coverage, MC/DC coverage and dynamic data flow coverage.

Being well versed with different tools such as LDRA, McCabe and Tessie with testing services for applications ranging from SIL 1 to SIL 3, CPS Tech is a one-stop shop for having a complete test coverage of complex embedded systems applications and preparing products for safety standards compliance.

Big Data Testing

Today data is teeming from everywhere: web, mobile, and organization’s internal resources. Big data is the key enabler for organizations in information-driven sectors to gain an edge over their competitors. In response to these requirements, different platforms/tools are being used like Hadoop, Apache Hbase, Apache Hive, Mahout, etc. The key is to create value for their businesses with the insights gained from these data.

As the concept of utilizing data as an asset is still maturing, most organizations are experiencing a gap between the enormity of data and the efficiency of data experts. CPS Tech experts help organizations realize the full potential of this unprecedented amount of data by offering numerous big data QA services. Some of our big data testing services that you can benefit from include:

  • ETL Testing
  • Transforming the Data
  • Data Upgrades
  • Automated ETL Testing
  • Data Visibility/Value Extraction

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