Product development for any industry in need

CPS Tech provides product development, manufacturing, global fulfillment and aftermarket services to industry leaders in the life-science, telecommunications, energy, consumer electronics, wireless computing and transportation industries, among several other sectors. 

A brief overview of our service offering in this category includes.

Product Launch at Scale

CPS Tech is able to assist you with the successful launching of new products with speed, accuracy and efficiency. We include all aspects of your product launch cycle, by leveraging key organizational resources and stringent process adherence to ensure efficient and successful product launches every time. Our product launches will help you identify manufacturing issues before they become costly, with satisfying results at launch.

Design for Manufacturing

This relates to a series of decisions that are taken during the development process to aid in the ease of assembly for a given product. At CPS Tech, we ensure a reduction in the number of components and fasteners used in an assembly, by using single parts to address multiple functions, while optimizing material selection and fabrication methods.

Documentation Development

CPS Tech uses solid  modelling as a mechanical design tool and utilizes the AutoCAD platform to convert nearly any other program files for documentation creation and modification purposes. Product assembly documentation is also created utilizing a blend of high resolution digital images with detailed assembly instructions.

Engineering Services

Our engineering services enable our customers to build new products from a lab-scale Proof of Concept design through a systematic phased development process of alpha and beta prototypes towards pilot production, with a seamless transition into volume production where required. 

Engineering Test Services

CPS Tech is able to provide engineering test services to validate computer control systems, power delivery distribution, and precise mechanical operations. We are able to use clients’ test fixtures, custom & commercial, or we can assist you with the design, engineering and manufacturing of specialized test equipment with comprehensive testing plans and relevant documentation.

Test & Validation

We provide an array of manufacturing testing equipment services to companies across the globe. CPS Tech is recognized for its superior ability to provide companies with leading technology manufacturing test design, development, manufacture and deployment.

Prototyping Services

Real-world product development can require prototyping services to reflect rapidly changing needs. CPS Tech can flexibly cope with rapid prototype design change and then seamlessly transition prototype manufacturing projects into full volume production.

Radio Frequency Testing

We perform testing and configuration using complex RF equipment following stringent performance specifications and operational requirements.

Test Equipment Design

CPS Tech has full turnkey services to support custom test equipment design, production, installation, commissioning, qualification, training, service, maintenance, upgrades and performance monitoring, as well as asset tracking of test systems deployed worldwide.

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