Using advanced technology to meet your electrical engineering needs

Digital solutions

At CPS Tech, we can offer you a range of digital solutions to meet your electrical engineering needs, providing you with IT, networking and connectivity solutions as well as network monitoring and security system solutions where required.

CPS Tech systems

The CPS Tech team is adept at embedded system development and has in-depth knowledge that ranges from product concept to product launch. We have a great deal of experience in developing and delivering embedded systems from large scale infrastructural products to low cost systems. Our team can help you develop Human Machine Interfaces, Artifical Intelligence Boards, System on Chip, I/O Modules and Very Large Integrated Systems.

Radio frequency technology is key to ensuring true innovation and networking on a global scale. We provide RF solutions mainly used in the fields of automotive, telecommunications and entertainment electronics. These include the WSPR Protocol, WiFi Systems, GPS, RFID, Wireless Command & Control Systems, Mesh Networks and Cellular.

Build better devices with CPS Tech, your go-to for sharp & intuitive product development, advanced product engineering and complex product manufacturing