CPS Tech Business Distribution Units provide added value & services with their leading product offering

CPS Tech has built strategic Business Distribution Units focusing on unique product offerings in several different fields, including network sensors, wireless broadband solutions, image processing, security and smart AI devices.

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Founded in 2006, Databuoy® is named after the company’s early work with the US Navy. Their sensor networks are land-based, but are similarly “moored” to reliably persist, detect, and serve passers-by.

Mimosa Networks

Mimosa Networks is a global technology leader in wireless broadband solutions, making internet access better, faster and stronger than it has ever been before.

Leopard Imaging

Leopard Imaging is a global high-tech company that provides high definition embedded cameras, with a focus on improving image processing.


Trusted by over 14 000 organizations, Verkada builds physical security solutions that integrate seamlessly behind a single, cloud-based software platform.

Verik Systems

Providing you with unique residential and commercial smart AI devices, which include Smart Gateways, video doorbells, and wireless IP cameras.

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