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Based in the USA, CPS Tech provides world-class hardware electronics engineering, product development and manufacturing at a global scale, as a company that is principally engaged in the management of advanced technology, electronic products and services.

We offer sophisticated product development & manufacturing services to keep your business connected with the rest of the world

CPS Tech is your one stop shop

for all your product development, contract manufacturing and system integration needs. From prototype to high volume production, each step is managed for you by a single point of contact, to ensure that your advanced product engineering requirements are met with speed and efficiency.

50 years of combined experience

We have over 50 years of combined experience in the hardware electronics manufacturing space, with a global footprint that makes it possible for us to service enterprise needs across continents, with teams in the USA, China, Europe and Asia.

CPS Tech has become an industry leader in electrical & hardware engineering sectors across the globe.

With end-to-end electronics product development, prototyping, production, testing, deployment and product lifecycle support services to ensure you meet your time to market needs, every time 

Build better devices with CPS Tech, your go-to for sharp & intuitive product development, advanced product engineering and complex product manufacturing