About Circuit Pro Solutions
Circuit Pro Solutions strives to achieve the highest level of satisfied customers.

Quick Reference:

One-Stop PCB & PCBA & Components & IC Burning services for over 15 years.

Standard Boards:

  • Rigid(1-46L)
  • Flex(1-12L)
  • Rigid-flex(1-20L)
  • PCB Assembly
  • Components Procurement

Choose Us:

Quality first!UL, ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485, AS9100
Extensive MaterialsFR4 Tg135,150,170, Rogers, Isola, Shengyi, ITEQ, Netco, Ventec, NanYa, Panasonic
CapabilitiesBoard thickness 0.2mm-6.5mm 2. Min line width and Min trace 2mil/2mil 3. Min Drill 0.1mm
  1. Complex boards: Heavy Copper(1-12oz), Al board. HDI prototypes as quick as 15 days
  2. No MOV MOQ, A small piece or large volumes  
  3. Urgent service for prototype: 2/4 layer 24hours, 6/8 layer 48hours /4-5 WDS protype/ 7-12WDS for volume.
  4. UPS VIP customer, the goods arrive within one to two days.

Full complement of services to our clients with complete systems design, build, integration and after-sales support.

Design services; from schematic design, board layout, component selection, firmware design, mechanical design to PCB, PCBA, Chip Cloning, reverse engineering

Product Definition

  • Customer product requirements
  • High-level Hardware design + BOM cost, Diagnostic & Software development proposals
  • Customer review & approval
  • Design Kickoff

Hardware Design

  • Detailed block diagram, estimated power consumption, detailed BOM cost, schematic, HW spec
  • Mechanical design + Thermal Simulation, SI + CAD Layout
  • Hardware QA
  • Customer reviews & approval
  • Prototype boards
  • Customer support for prototype bring up & production runs


  • Board & system Diagnostic suite development, Diagnostic specification
  • Hardware & system bring up/troubleshooting
  • Component, board & system stress testing
  • Customer Diagnostic support for Production Testing integration


  • Board Support Package development (Bootloader and Kernel)
  • Reference applications development
  • System integration & Software QA
  • Customer support for system integration