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Communications at Lightning Speeds.

When it comes to telecommunication, the most important features are speed and reliability. CPS designs and builds products to help our customers process data at lighting speeds on a consistent regular basis. We diligently research all regulatory standards and update our industry leading methods to ensure industry compliance.

Regulatory Expertise

  • CPS provides communication product solutions in these areas:
  • Cable access equipment
  • Core and edge routers
  • Data center fabric routers
  • Digital media systems
  • Embedded system simulation and emulation
  • Network security
  • Private IP communications
  • Satellite and wireless broadband
  • Video networking and broadcasting
  • Wireless backhaul equipment

CPS is actively engaged with the following industry associations:

  • GIDEP – Industrial Data Exchange Program
  • IPC – International Printed Circuit


For Industrial Nuances.

With over XX years in the industry, CPS’ portfolio of products is as diverse as the industries we serve. No matter if it’s a small or large volume project, we provide custom start to finish solutions, from turnkey design to distribution and global sourcing. With the best equipment available, we make products that perfectly suit our customer’s needs.

CPS provides commercial product solutions in these areas:

  • Computing
  • Connectivity
  • Energy management
  • Industrial equipment
  • Self service
  • Semiconductor equipment
  • Test and measurement
  • Transportation
  • Consumer Electronics

Ever-changing. Ever-evolving.

The consumer market is rapidly evolving, with new technology being released every day. CPS knows the importance of staying on top of the latest and the greatest. Our fast and efficient design and production process makes sure our customers can always bring the most recent designs to their market.

Wireless Computing & Storage

Cloud. Storage. Security.

CPS understands the difficulties of scaling computing and data storage infrastructures. We use our expertise to build customized solutions to help our customers’ businesses grow. When it comes to cloud technology data security, we’ve got it covered.


With one of our home-0ffice based in Las Vegas, CPS knows a thing or two about creating products for the gaming industry. We make durable products designed for repeated constant usage, whether it is a new game or updating an existing one. Our products are designed with a long lifecycle and ease of repair in mind


  • PCB Assembly & SMT
  • Box Build & System Integration
  • Turnkey Services
  • Design & Engineering
  • Quick Turn Prototyping
  • Test Services
  • BGA Rework/Reball


  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Enclosures
  • Quick Turn Services
  • Backplanes
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Conformal Coating
  • Precision Machining
  • Global Facilities
  • Electronics Assembly Services


  • Telecommunications
  • Defense & Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Wireless Computing & Storage
  • Semiconductor
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Gaming